Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rocket Singh - Salesman of the Year - movie review

Watch this one. Seriously. I'll write a review and might or might not convince you to go with my words. So I'm saying, just watch this movie.

Harpreet Singh Bedi's (Ranbir Kapoor) friends are worried about their BCOM 60% pass friend's career. They advice him to study for CAT and apply for MBA but Harpreet Singh has other plans. He believes that his powers of persuasion are unsurpassable and decides to become a salesman. On the verge of getting rejected during an interview at AYS Computers due to his laughable antics at trying to sell a pencil without an eraser, he is saved just in the nick of time by Mr. Suri (MD of AYS) who over-rides the Sales Manager's decision of throwing out Harpreet. The Sales Manager, Nitin Rathor, is ruthless and has a variety of tricks up his sleeve which he teaches Harpreet in a bid to help him outsmart comepetition.

On Harpreet's first assignment, the head of a firm that AYS deals with offers him a bribe. Honest Harpreet naively registers a complaint against the head in the same firm's complaint box. Mr. Suri accuses Harpreet of trying to spoil relations of AYS with its customers and in a fit of anger. doubles the targets of all his employees. Harpreet is barred from all field work and can only make "cold calls" from his office desk. Fearing that his career is virtually over, his friends suggest that he leave his job and apply in a BPO. Harpreet, however, doesn't lose heart. He finds a sympathizer in Koena, the girl handling all incoming calls, and she slips him an order out of pity. While he is being bombarded with paper aeroplanes from his colleagues who think he is a joke, out of revenge, Harpreet takes an order for a non-existent company "Rocket Sales".

Thus starts a new venture within AYS called "Rocket Sales Corporation". Harpreet ropes in other disgruntled employees who don't seem to be getting their dues and offers them the position of partners in this new company. Service engineer Giri, incoming calls handler Koena and office peon (who can't start a computer but knows how to assemble one), soon become co-owners of Rocket Sales. They start with customers irritated with AYS and soon start getting orders. While they are constantly afraid of getting caught, their orders go on increasing day-by-day due to their honesty and 24/7 service support. Just when everything seems to be going good, their sales manager, Nitin Rathore finds out about Rocket Sales.

Believe me, this isn't even half the plot. The story is unpredictable and I found myself clapping and cheering at every success of Rocket Sales, while biting my nails at every impending failure. The character-development is excellent in this movie and it has been supported by some very good acting. A very good movie after a really long time. Oh, and Ranbir Kapoor looks damn cute in a turban! This movie hasn't received a lot of publicity, but I hope my blog generates some word-of-mouth. Totally totally worth it!

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