Wednesday, December 30, 2009

3 idiots - movie review

Finally, the much awaited review of 3 idiots! Yeah yeah I know no one was waiting with baited breath, or waiting for this review to decide whether to watch the movie or not. I'm sure you've already seen the movie in fact. This review was much awaited by me though. Usually when I watch movies, in the back of my head I'm always ticking off points to be mentioned in the review. This time however, I was just swept along in the current! Panting and heaving, I took several days for the movie to sink in and digest. Most importantly, I am still waiting for company to watch the movie again! Woohoo, what a ride!

Like all good stories, let me start at the beginning. Farhan (R Madhavan) fakes a heart attack to get off the flight he has boarded as he receives a stunning piece of news on his cellphone. Running away from his missed flight, he calls up Raju (Sharman Joshi) and conveys the news to him. Both hurriedly reach their college in the hopes of meeting their long-lost friend Rancho (Amir Khan) but instead see their nerdy friend Chatur. After Chatur boasts about how successful he has become in life, under threat of getting his teeth broken, he agrees to take Raju and Farhan to meet Rancho. As they start their journey, they go back to the first day of college.

Raju & Farhan do not even dream of pissing off their seniors by refusing to get ragged. Izzat zameen par aur haath salaami mein, they are stunned when Rancho (Amir Khan) bolts out of a senior's grip to go and hide in a room. Threatened by the senior that if Rancho doesn't come out at the end of count to 10, the senior will do mootra-visarjan at the room's entrance, Rancho shows his resourceful thinking. Within minutes he makes a contraption that when peed on, gives an electric shock to the pee-er! Thus begins the journey of 3 room-mates who soon become best friends.

Rancho is always more interested in gaining knowledge as opposed to gaining marks. Tired of his questions, his professors throw him out from almost every lecture, but this does not deter Rancho from his quest for knowledge. The dean, Viru Sahastrabuddhe (Boman Irani), hates Rancho from day 1 as he spoils his introductory speech by pointing out a simple flaw in his logical reasoning. To his chagrin though, Rancho is always topping throughout college. Although Raju and Farhan feel resentment, they do not let this get in the way of their friendship. Rancho is constantly up to some prank or the other and runs into trouble with Virus when he crashes into a wedding party with Raju & Farhan in tow. As they are merrily eating, they realize that it is Virus's elder daughter's wedding.

The next day, Virus summons Raju & Farhan to his office and explains to them that Rancho's father earns in millions as opposed to theirs. He ruthlessly points out one fact after another and convinces them to leave Rancho's company if they want to stop coming at the bottom of the list every year. Raju is the poorest and almost gets convinced to abandon the other 2 as he feels the pressure of his financial instability. However, Rancho wins him over again as he rushes Raju's father to the hospital in the nick of time during an emergency.

Falling for Virus's daughter, playing numerous pranks in college and finally winning over Virus, Rancho touches everyone's heart. However, on the day of graduation, he vanishes and nobody knows where he is. Raju & Farhan, thus set out to find Rancho and revive their friendship. Some of the highlights of the movie are the speech by a Hindi-challenged nerd (Chatur) whose speech is tampered with by none other than Rancho. The use of Balatkar in place of Chamatkar should give you a fair idea of the tone of the speech. Kareena and Amir show crackling chemistry and both Madhavan & Sharman Joshi do justice to their roles.

Now some time for serious gushing. I absolutely loved the use of common sense in this movie. Rancho is shown to be so resourceful, in the most dire of situations that I was left wondering, have we all forgotten how good old common sense works? I almost felt like taking part in The Amazing Race to see if I could prove myself to be as resourceful as Rancho. It totally changed my way of thinking. Again, the emphasis in this movie is to follow your dreams. Rancho tops the college every year because he loves machines. He always advises Raju & Farhan to follow their passion and not success. Follow excellence and jhak maar ke success will follow you. So relevant in today's times. I think the first thing I said when I stepped out of the theater was, "I wish this movie had been made 8 years ago. My parents need to see this!" The best part is, no matter how much shit the 3 of them get into, they always thump their heart and say "Aal izz well!"

Loved it, loved it, L-O-V-E-D IT!! Again, anyone accompanying me for Round 2?

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