Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mann ka radio.. Bajane de zara..

I am feeling so happy writing this review! Jee bhar ke gaaliyan! Kis kis ko gaaliyan! H se leke S tak gaaliyan!
Ok I am scared that my blog will get censored (by God knows who) or I'll lose my readership. So, I'll try to be a bit professional :P

Problem is, I don't know where to start. Ok, I'll start with the plot, that should be easy. So the plot is as follows... Wait a minute, there is no plot! Ho-hum.. Alright alright I'll get on with it! The movie (if it can be called that) starts off with RJ Vivaan (Himmes) getting divorced by his wife, Pooja. Looking at Himesh's expression you wish the judge would bang the gavel on his head rather than on the table to elicit some reaction out of him. But, alas, such a thing does not happen and we are treated to some more misery in the form of Shanaya (the awsomely irritating Shehnaz Treasurywala who can beat Kim Sharma in a squeaking competition).

After some initial misunderstanding, Vivaan soon befriends Shanaya who is a facebook addict. Shanaya notices that after his divorce, Vivaan's show has lost its ratings. So she proposes to be a mystery caller who will pretend to fall in love with him, thus increasing his show's ratings. Why anyone on this planet would listen to an ultrasonic Shanaya proposing to a surprisingly shrill Himmes is beyond me but apparently the show's ratings do go up. Around the same time, Vivaan's ex-wife starts getting attracted to the new and improved Vivaan. Shanaya gets more than she bargained for as her parents believe that she and Himmes are really in love. Worse, she actually falls for Himmes but can see that his ex-wife still loves him. Will Vivan return to his ex-wife and own up to Shanaya's family that he never loved her or will he finally get over his ex-wife and become a part of Shanaya's family that he has come to adore? Do you really care? :D

Needless to say, most of the laughs that I got from this movie were at the most serious moments. A plus point for me was that a friend of mine resembles Himmes a lot in this new hairdo so I was continuously laughing throughout the movie. I still have no clue why Himmesh was talking like a girl. The movie is extremely disjoint and there are just some scenes strung together by mistake. Please please watch this movie with an extremely large group of friends. There is a lot of scope for humour here :D
Mann ka radio.. Bajane de zara... :D

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