Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Half Century to me

That's right.. My dear friends and family, you have suffered through 49 and now 50 of my incredulous-expression-generating, illogical opinions on equally incredulous-expression-generating, still illogical topics.. Now I know that writing 50 posts is no big deal, but I kind of had to ear-mark it so that I would feel inspired to keep going. All credit, of course, goes to you, dear reader, because when I imagine what I want to tell you, I write much better.. So please, keep reading :)

I attended a wedding today and I just felt really sorry for the bride and groom who were being forced into weird positions for the camera to capture forever and their relatives and children to laugh till eternity. I have decided, my wedding is going to be completely different. No photographers, coz they make you hate the day God decided that humans could have the function "smile". No random jaan-pehchaan ke log. Only relatives and close friends. I will decorate the wedding hall all by myself :D I will choose my own saree, my own jewellery and do my own make up! My reception will be more informal, not just me and my hubby sitting like robots in 2 chairs and pretending to smile with every new group that comes.

For all my talk, I'm sure this is going to happen exactly the way it has happened with other people. That's kind of sad. The important thing to remember is that it's a marriage, not just a wedding.. I wish.. *Sigh*

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