Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mission Mumbai

Mission: To hunt out the best bargains and get the best variety of clothes within minimum time and budget
Destination: Thane, Mumbai
Time Limit: 7 hours (11 am to 6 pm)
Agents Assigned: Agent Bluebell (Me) and Agent Angel (Priya)
Supporting Field Agent: Agent Cheeku (Shruti)

Agent's Record Book shows:

7:30 am: Climbed into Shivneri bus, got tickets punched. Seats 13 and 14 were occupied. Rechecked ticket. We had climbed into Dadar bus!
7:31 am: Hurriedly jumped out of Dadar bus and headed towards Thane bus.
8:15 am: Stopover at food mall where brown water(tea) and cooked, fluffed rice grains(poha) were consumed.
10:30 am: Buzzing Agent Cheeku to give location co-ordinates and shelter to Agent Bluebell and Agent Angel.
10:45 am: Reneissance of Agent Cheeku's location (3 bhk flat in Thane) and admiration of cleanliness & size of same.
11:00 am: Checking for artillery (cash) and armour (card). All OK.
11:30 am: Touchdown at Nirmal Mall.

Agent Bluebell had previously used up too much of her artillery in past Mumbai and Aurangabad trips, sorry Missions,  so she had a strict order from her supervisor (Mom), to not waste anymore. Agent Bluebell sincerely swore not to take aim unless she saw a really good target (read, deal).

1:00 pm: After scanning the length and breadth of Shopper's Stop and getting scolded by the security for taking pictures in the mall, stop at Meghdoot for Thali @ 99/-
Agents were attacked by sound bomb. Aunties at nearby table aimed sharp sound bullets with names like "Rupa ni asa kela!" "Rashmi mala ashi bolli!". Agents were deafened and dumbstruck by the sheer amount of bad will, but soon recovered and aimed back with equally loud "Oh really? Tsk tsk, Rashmi should've known better!" The agents quick thinking and the policy "Join em if you can't beat em" saved them from total insanity in the nick of time.

2:00 pm: After adequate refreshments (read, filling thaali), the site where this pic was taken was reached. Just as this pic was clicked, another security guard came to shout at the agents.
 2:15 pm: Merely minutes after having "adequate refreshments", the agents spotted MacDonalds and felt a sudden craving for Shake Shake Fries. (The pic says it all, doesn't it?)

2:30 pm: More targets conquered - FabIndia, Pepe, Provogue.
4:00 pm: Decision-making capabilites of all agents were tested when there was a dilemma about visiting nearby R-Mall or some mall in Ghatkopar.
4:15 pm: Touchdown at R-Mall. Breakneck shopping at Lifestyle. Disappointment at Pantaloons as "3 Idiots" t-shirts were lame
5:30 pm: Chopper landed at Globus mall, the last of the targets which was chosen instead of Westside.

6:00 pm: Carrying a bag each from all the stores that had been visited, the agents made their way back to base location.
6:10 pm: After hurriedly freshening up, stuffing all newly acquired stuff into bags, and rushing out, managed to reach the bus-stop.

6:30 pm: Take off to Pune!
10:00 pm: Land at Aundh Parihar Chowk

No of targets: 5 (Shopper's Stop, FabIndia, Globus, Pantaloons, LifeStyle)
Territory acquired: 5 t-shirts, mostly all within 200 bucks
Artillery used: Cannot be disclosed due to threat from supervisor
Status of Mission: Accomplished!

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