Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What is home...

तिनका तिनका जोड़ के,
मैंने अपना घर बनाया,
ना आंधी से दरी,
न तूफान मुझे रोक सका,

I searched high and low,
For the perfect brick,
The most beautiful wall,

To build my warm nest,
A home I could call my own,

My blood and tears,
My sweat and fears,
I poured all these into
My beautiful treehouse,
My castle on the clouds,

But then what happened,
This heaven, this place I call my home,
Began to feel like a cage,

A cage that boxed in my thoughts,
That kept captive my heart,
Where I could no longer spread my wings,
No longer dance,

And so I picked a stone,
And shattered a window pane,
The wall went next,
Not a tile was spared,

I broke and broke all I could break,
More blood, more tears,
More sweat, more fears,

But oh! What a relief it was,
As I once again spread my wings,
And I once again lifted a leg,
And did a chicken dance,

I flew, flew far away,
To a land where it never stops raining,
Where the sun shines its brightest,
Where flowers do not shy from blooming,

Where greenery does not wrestle with the concrete,
It's time for a new home,
तिनका तिनका जोड़ के...