Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wake up Sid - movie review

This is my first attempt at reviewing a movie, so if I make any mistakes or give out any surprises about the movie, kindly forgive. It is extremely hard for me to judge a movie after I've just seen it. I watch movies solely to experience and I feel that putting your experience into words somehow always takes away the effect. Nevertheless, I know that if I dont write this now, I won't be able to write it at all. So, here goes..

Siddharth Mehra or Sid (as his friends call him), is a typical rich spoilt brat who pays for all his expenses using his Dad's credit cards. Add to that no sense of cleanliness and no respect for his parents and you have got the perfect hero who needs to be "woken up". After college, Sid's Dad offers to buy him his dream car if he comes to office continuously for a month. Our beloved Ritchie Rich soon tires of the boring office atmosphere and escapes within a week to help pretty Aisha settle down in Mumbai. Thoroughly disappointed at his son failing his final year exams, talking rudely to his mother and unceremoniously quitting his job, Sid's Dad kicks him out of the house with threats of no money. Sid then lands up at Aisha's place and asks to be taken in. Having no doting mother to take care of his every need and no servant to clean up after his mess, he starts understanding the meaning of life.

Will Sid realize his mistake and return home? Will he learn to stand on his own feet and get a good job? Will Sid and Aisha become more than friends? The movie is all about Sid waking up to his love, life and work. Although the first half hour reminded me over and over again of Lakshya, this movie doesn't turn Sid into a sad martyr but keeps him immature, fun and cute. His realization is mostly through introspection and that keeps the happy feeling (for lack of a better phrase) intact in the movie.

Konkana Sen trying to act coy. Not happening. The first 10 minutes of the movie had me grinding my teeth when I saw Konkana try to talk without moving her lips as if too shy to open her mouth and speak. However, with Konkana, I've always noticed that she grows on you and towards the end she started looking positiviely pretty to me. Ranbir looks extremely adorable and he has totally arrived as the new romantic star of our generation. I am glad to say that he is following in his father's footsteps when it comes to making girls go crazy with a look. Ok I'll stop gushing now.

I believe the high point of the movie was that Sid didnt choose to just do what looked right but chose the harder way out and followed his passion. If I say any more on this, I'll be giving out the crux of the movie, so probably more discussion on this once people have seen it.

This movie has beautiful frames and every scene looks like a shot is being readied for a perfect photograph. You could just get lost in the music and the picture perfect shots. Every new opening in Sid's life whether it is related to his work, his newfound respect for his family or his realization about his love, is accompanied by entrancing music and excellent cinematography. Stylish product from Dharma productions no doubt and they haven't left any stone unturned to ensure that you go home feeling highly romantic. However, more than the romance, it is the attitude towards work and goals in life that has influenced me the most and I believe that's why the younger generation could relate to it so well.

All in all, I "enthusiastically recommend" (stole this line from an mba reco ;)), watching Wake Up Sid for its humour, romance and fresh look at life.

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  1. The story seems a bit cliche, but then again all romantic stories always tend to be, I guess :)