Monday, October 12, 2009

The Ugly Truth - movie review

Before I say anything else, I just want to say, Gerard Butler, I love you! And the jerk that you've played in this movie has not changed your place in my heart..
Either ways, Mike Chadway is a blunt guy who tells the "truth" about guys, girls and relationships in order to help couples. All I could hear was how you should always treat the guy like he's God. A seriously misogynistic movie that sometimes makes you wonder how GB didnt fear losing his female fan following by agreeing to such a crude and crass role.

Of course, Hollywood movies never have "bad" guys, they only have misunderstood guys and in the end, obviously we come to know why Mike Chadway is so against love. There is also the pretty producer of the TV show, Katherine Heigl, Abbie in the movie, who hates him at first sight but soon starts taking his advice for her dating life. Why such a successful producer would take relationship advice from a crude anchor of some dumb show is beyond me but obviously there has to be some way to start the romance and taking care of the heroine apparently seems to be the only way the director could think of a romantic angle between the two of them.

Much as I'd hate to admit it, the crude behavior did elicit a few laughs from me. Maybe this is the reason this movie is remotely watchable. This movie raises some pretty interesting questions. First and foremost, are all guys interested in only one thing? Secondly, should you let the guy be "THE MAN" whatever that means, in order to have a successful relationship? By this, I can only assume letting the guy always take the lead, no matter what you're thinking or feeling. Being a control freak, that seems beyond me. Sometimes is ok, not always! And thirdly, to roughly quote GB, given a choice between two men, would a woman always choose a man with a better resume?

It is on this third question that I'd like to ponder on in this post. Would I do that? Do I do that? Does a person more wealthy, with a better job look more attractive to me than say a middle class person? There are 2 things to think about here. First and foremost, is love in itself a totally inherent thing independent of any external factors? And secondly, if it isn't, can it really be called love? My graphology Sir once said, "In love, there is no because.. ". And I so agree. If you love someone, it cant be "because he is sooo cute" or "because he takes care of me so well.." There should be no "because"..  Because things change, people change. If your love is dependent on external factors, it is bound to die someday.

Coming back to the movie, I would recommend watching it since some of the jokes are hilarious. However women, please dont take the advice given to heart. It has been sent out by a person having a 10 year old kid's definition of love and relationships. Watch it to drool over GB who looks scrumptious even in such a ghastly role. Oh and I loved the cat! Miaaow! (that is ciao in cat's language ;))


  1. No wonder Rolling Stones gave this movie a rating of 0 stars :)

    I liked the way you put it - don't seek the because part - I agree.

  2. I liked the review. Good blog :)

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    Thanks for your encouraging comments.
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