Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The magic of yellow roses

In a hypothetical scenario

Romeo: Here my darling, beautiful red roses for my beautiful love..

Juliet (if it was me): Red Roses? Should I make a pickle of the red roses? (Iska kya main aachaar dalu?) Consider yourself dumped!

Yes I know you must have laughed at Romeo's dialogue and of course said "wtf!" at Juliet's.
But fact is, I hate red roses! Well I dont really hate them..

Here's the thing.. Yellow Roses bloom much more than red roses. Given the same amount of TLC, yellow roses blossom like a  woman surrendering to her passionate lover whereas red roses bloom like a philandering lover hiding an affair. Yellow Roses talk about an affair about to blossom, of the innocence of courtship, of the excitement of an impending proposal, of the hesitation of confessing your crush..
They signify the journey from friendship to something more... Red roses are just the end of the journey, there is nothing to look forward to after that :P

So my dear readers, if you are ever struck by the crazy idea of getting me a bouquet, please please get me loads of ... :)


  1. Beautifully Writte... So true.... But Manasi when did you started analyzing so much about roses