Friday, October 9, 2009

The ultimate wisdom

The previous night.

*gnash gnash* *gnash*

Mom: "Stop doing that.."

Me: (sleepily) "Doing what?"

Next morning.

Mom: "You were gnashing your teeth last night. I think you've got worms in your stomach. Let's buy some worm medicine for you today."

Me: "No I wasn't! No I don't!" (shuddering at the memory of the last encounter with the "worm medicine") "I'm not taking any medicine!"

Cut to the same day's night.
I fearlfully swallow the big worm medicine tablet wondering if I'm going to choke on it.

Few days later.
I start gnashing my teeth while sitting in front of the tv.
Mom: "You should change your toothpaste. Here, use my Amway toothpaste"
(This feels surprisingly like an ad for Amway, which it is not I assure you :P)

I religiously start using the new toothpaste, hoping that I stop gnashing my teeth every time I'm thinking about something.

Few more days later..
And I finally realize the problem. I'm teething! Its been ages now but my wisdom teeth keep popping out slowly and painfully. Earlier they used to just ache. This time I was actually teething like a small baby!
I had to keep my tongue wedged between my teeth to stop myself from eating my teeth.

Finally the painful encounter is behind me. But I'm sure its going to come back as my left top wisdom tooth is just making its presence felt.

Well, to all those people who doubted my intelligence, this should shut you up.
Or maybe not..
Gimme something to bite!

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  1. I had to get my wisdom tooth taken out. If wisdom tooth is the key to knowledge, I'd rather live without it ;) -A