Friday, October 2, 2009

Got a new laptop! :D

I finally finally finally got my own laptop. For those of you who know me, or rather know my brother, you are quite aware that the reason I dont blog regularly or am never available online after 10 pm or am available but disappear within 5 mins saying (bro wants to sit, catch you later) is because my beloved brother loves his Dubai friends a lot and he cant seem to find any other way or time to catch up with them other than the internet and every night :P

Being much scared of his karate skills and his famous temper tantrums, I just turned into "benevolent sister" and allowed him to sit online so long as he doenst break my cupboard or put on football matches on the tv. But finally, the ego did rise and I did the best thing a person in my situation would do.. Got myself a laptop with wireless internet connectivity! :D I cant tell you how liberating it is to sit and type this out in the living room with no wires and no looking over my back wondering does-he-want-it-now-is-he-looking-at-me-ok-he-is-definitely-going-to-chop-off-my-neck!

A dire prediction my well-meaning friends had made was that once I get a laptop, my brother will hog that too. But for some strange reason (brand: Acer), he seems not to think much of my laptop. Must be because he wanted me to buy a Sony or a Toshiba which I definitely could not afford with my meagre income. After days of not being allowed to buy my dark blue baby (DBB from henceforth :D), I just told him "Yeah, when you start earning, you buy a Toshiba. For heaven's sake, let me just buy a laptop before I die of internet starvation!"

So my dear readers, its me and my DBB bringing you much fun stuff about whatever my little brain cooks up. Much joy and cheers to DBB! May we run a long and successful stint!

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