Wednesday, December 9, 2009

PS I love you


How eager are we to fall in love? To find Mr. Right, to get married? A magical moment happens, some chemistry clicks.. We look forward to spending time with that special person.. All plans adjusted to his or her availability.. You meet him before meeting a friend, you wait for him till he finishes meeting his friends.. You wait for his call.. You long for his smses.. Every free second, he occupies your mind and thoughts.. You start planning your future keeping his in mind.. You feel so lucky to be a part of something.. A half of a complete round sphere..

And then what happens when a relationship ends? A breakup, a divorce or worse.. death? Do you move away as if 2 hemispheres were held together by a cord? You walk out feeling completely emptied. You forget your own shape.. You are just a ball from which air has been taken out.. Just a lump with no shape or form.. Or memory of how complete you used to be.. Why? Why is the feeling to be a half so overpowering that even if we are left empty again and again, we still want to be a half? Why can't we rely on ourselves and be strong? At the end of the day, why does this heart yearn for a companion forever?

P. S. I haven't lost my mind. Just feeling very influenced by this very wonderful, extremely touching movie. :D

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