Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cruel Intentions..

Not too long ago, at 8:00 pm every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, I used to totter to my Activa, come back home feeling very cold and on reaching up call my friends and proudly tell them
"My aerobics teacher tried to kill me today!"
"My aerobics teacher is crazy! She thinks her students are robots!"
I remember my stomach used to ache, I used to turn red in the face & at times I used to get blinded by my own sweat.. But I used to enjoy it to the hilt! That was real aerobics, so intense that I used to fear that my heart will fail if I take the next step.. It used to make me feel so good!

Alas, now the story is different. With some awfully slow music, and awfully simple and repetitive steps, I was about to fall asleep in the midst of the advanced aerobics session. I was jumping as much as I could so that I could get exerted at least a little bit but it was totally pointless. She just shut off the music in 20 mins and made us do stretches!

I was fuming at the end of 45 mins for not being dangerously close to a cardiac arrest as I used to be and demanded an explanation. The instructor informed me that her old cd has been ruined due to repeated re-runs and now she has resorted to some tantric chants instead of groovy music. They charge us 450 bux per student and they don't have the money to buy a new cd. Plus, when I offered to burn a CD for the instructor, she refused point blank saying those songs are not available anywhere! I have never heard such ridiculous reasons in my entire life. I even offered to burn her new CD (which has some fast Hindi songs), so that she doesn't need to worry that her CD will get ruined. Again, no!

I really like the way she takes the class but if she doesn't get a good cd very soon, I don't think I'll feel like going anymore. It would be such a pity because aerobics is the only form of exercise that I can do over and over again unlike gym or playing a sport. I dont even know whether the management of the gym is to blame for being miserly about the cds. Either ways, I'm praying that by next Tuesday she has a decent cd with her or else I'm definitely going to break a few chairs in that gym.. :P

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