Saturday, October 24, 2009


Graphology is the study of hand-writing.
I am currently doing advanced level courses of Graphology. The first thing we were taught on the first day of class is that "handwriting is not HAND Writing, its actually BRAIN Writing". This means that, ideally, if you try to write with your leg or mouth, you will try to write in the same way as you write with your hand, because the brain is actually giving the signal to write. I wonder if this is really true? Do we have any truly ambidextrous people out there? Please get back to me on this :)

Most people, when told about Graphology, think its hogwash. They think its a party gimmick or something similar to palmistry. Graphology is actually a science. Yes, it is a SCIENCE. Data has been collected from millions of people, carefully analyzed and then documented as xyz trait means abc. It is an extremely interesting subject to study and sometimes I am still amazed at how a small trait in handwriting can accurately describe a significant trait in your personality.

At the beginning of every lecture we take a small oath where we declare that we will not condemn or judge anybody based on their handwriting. I think this is really significant, because the power that Graphology gives you, especially as you start becoming good at it, is unimaginable. You can see the person's childhood, his parents, any health problems, past affairs.. I think much  more than you would actually like to see. Of course, I am nowhere close to that stage (got one analysis totally wrong today), but the learning curve is fun and the class is delightful. Plus, free food is always the best thing to happen to me. Well, technically not free, but I work much better on a slightly filled stomach. So, handwriting analysis anyone? Oh, better get it done while I'm still learning, coz I'm going to start charging real high real soon ;)


  1. An analysis is as good as the analyst is and the more you learn the better you become. I have been studying now since 1993 and writen 2 monographs and a book and still there are times I see a writing that baffles me. The you go back to basics. What the slant, pressure, baseline, what sticks out as odd and as usual where does the stroke come from and where does it go.

  2. @hwexpert: It feels so good to compare notes with a fellow graphologist! Right now I am learning form level which is more intuitive. It is so difficult to just slot a person into a type isn't it. And I think that's where the basic mistake lies. Everybody is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Getting the mix right is the hardest part I believe. What are the titles of your books? I would love to have a go at them :)

  3. Meow, I wasn't aware of this .. graphology hmmm veryy interesting...a quick question.. Is it possible to identify the traits of a person who uses or has preference for a particular font ?er, on a computer.. :D

  4. Yes of course, the most important trait being, that you want to hide something. What do you want to hide eh? :D

  5. hehe my bad handwriting :P

    Well on a serious note I prefer a Calibri or a Verdana over Times New Roman.. am I alright? :)

  6. Yes, you're absolutely useless! :P If you like calibri or verdana you mostly like simplistic handwr. Please give me a sample of your handwriting, I promise I won't tell you any negative traits :D