Monday, March 22, 2010


Funny story.

My younger brother keeps kicking around a football that he got back from a trip to Kashid Beach. Not only is it extremely annoying to hear it banging against furniture, I have been fearing that he is going to break the tv or the glass cabinet in our house. But Manna being Manna, refused to listen to me and went about bashing the ball around merrily. Until yesterday that is. 

Me and mom were watching tv and he was as usual creating a ruckus with his football. Suddenly he looked down and proclaimed "Oh what is this!" We looked at where he was looking and saw that our house suddenly resembles a cheap horror movie where the heroine's sister has just been killed and dragged away by the murderer along a bloody trail. At the other end was Manna standing with his bloodied foot in the air, looking at it with wonderment. He had kicked the door in his football frenzy and received a huge cut on his toe. Mom screamed and immediately swung into action, looking for bandages, ice and turmeric. When offered these, he hopped towards the kitchen and said 

"Wait. Let me finish cooking my noodles."

True story.

p.s. Will this finally entail Manna to be proclaimed the brand ambassador of Maggi?


  1. well they shd make him brand ambassador for manchester united as well! :P

  2. All that training has made him immune to pain. He needs to physically examine an injury to know that it exists (or wait for his sister's screams). This is not a horror or a humorous story but rather of frugality, spartan lifestyle and self-sacrifice. Two thumbs up for Manna!

  3. @Neha: Dammit, I got the MAN U ambassador part after 3 days! Good one :D

    @Chinmay: You will take everyone else's side but mine! :P