Sunday, March 28, 2010

My mind - A poem

The mighty Atlas,
Bent on one knee,
Back arched painfully,
Holding the entire world on his shoulders,

My mind wanders,
From one trouble to the other,
And finally bends on one knee,
With back arched painfully,

Weighed down by worries,
As heavy as the Earth,
Or so my heart feels,
As it believes my mind,

Along comes a friend,
To share my troubles,
My burden isn't halved,
But easier to bear,

With a heart full of hope,
And a face with a smile,
The burden still exists,
But easier to bear...

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  1. Well written! fantastic simile! Loved it!

  2. :) Nice one :) Manasi aage badho..hum tumhare saath hain :D

  3. @Manasa: Kadam badhaye jaa na darr, kadam badhaye jaa :D