Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In loving memory of Tiger


This is a picture of our tom cat in Dubai. His name is Tiger and he was the sweetest cat I ever knew. He used to hate being cuddled (like almost all tom cats) but he never ever scratched or bit any of my family members no matter how much we troubled him. He also said sorry to me once when he hurt my feelings by kicking me in the stomach and running away as I was trying to cuddle him. He used to hate tuna food and wouldn't even smell it if it was put in his bowl. He was the most pampered member of our family as Dad used to say "give the poor thing what he likes to eat" whereas if we ever called such hunger strikes, we were sent to bed hungry. When he was young, he used to love playing football with a piece of french bean. 

When Dad would come home in the afternoons, he would play with my Dad's tie. Most often than not his claws would get stuck in the tie and pull out a few threads, but Dad never used to mind. Tiger would patiently sit on the microwave when Mom used to cook and Mom would say to me and my brother "See? He's the only one who cares that I'm cooking alone here in this heat!". Whenever we used to trouble him, he would push his ears back, bare his fangs and give the most plaintive yowl he could give. One day though his puberty was much more than he could handle and he ran away. We all missed him very much and hoped to get a glimpse of him somewhere, anywhere, happily catching rats or chasing pigeons. But it wasn't meant to be. He really was the sweetest cat ever and I hope wherever he is, he is happy.


  1. I know that donkeys and elephants kick real hard but was not aware that cats too used it for offense. The non-human family members often get preference. At our home, my brother often fed stray dogs. If anyone would tell him not to feed strays bcoz then they refuse to leave the area, he would say he feeds me so its ok to feed a stray dog. Anyway, your cat must have been heavily insulated to be able to sit on the microwave. Insulated or not, he must have run away to get married, that serves you right for being too orthodox

  2. The top of the microwave doesn't get hot! Oh and he wouldn't sit on it when something was cooking in it... Such gaps in logic! Your bro compared you to a stray dog? Hilarious!