Friday, March 19, 2010

The dog stalkers..

Time: Around 8 pm
Primary actors: A middle aged woman and a girl of around 20 (ok fine, 25! :P)
Scene: The women step out of their home on the pretext of taking a leisurely stroll to lose some weight and digest their food. They cover their faces with scarves and walk along at a "relaxed" pace. Soon, they reach the popular joint "Asian Melange". Walking a few steps ahead, they stop in front of the animal clinic.

Checking out the stream of puppies coming out of the store, after much deliberation they choose a small lab as the target of their attack. As soon as the owner steps down with the lab puppy held in her arms like a baby, the duo swarms up to the lady and start shouting "What a cute puppy!" "What's its name!!" "How old is he!" while thoroughly man-handling the puppy. Ultimately, the efforts to steal the puppy amidst a shower of ultra-coochie-cooing attention are foiled as the woman extracts the puppy skillfully from the duo, turns around, runs away and jumps into a car.

Damn! I want my own puppy :(

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  1. This post is the very definition of apathetic behavior. The electrons moved due to your post about Tiger have not regained their spin quantum numbers yet and you have immediately written another post about getting a puppy! But the post was an eye-opener - I did not know that animal clinics had an assembly production of puppies. I am sure that the stream of puppies coming out of the clinic is due to "Asian Melange" discontinuing their special dish - Asian hotdogs

  2. By stream, I meant trickle :P
    Gross about the hot dogs, chheeeee!