Saturday, March 6, 2010

An open letter to Shahid Kapoor

Dear Mr Shahid Kapoor,

I just saw your movie "Chance pe Dance". The title misleadingly suggests that it's a movie about dance and I had visions of Bollywood version of  "Step up" or "Stomp the Yard". Then I realized that emphasis was on the word "Chance" and not on "Dance". Although the story of a struggling actor trying to make it big did touch my heart, the choreography in this movie was highly disappointing. You have danced better in movies that had absolutely nothing to do with dance. I wonder why your guru Shiamak didn't choreograph for this movie? Ken Ghosh couldn't afford "the great dancing legend"? I'm sure he would have done a much better job than Ganesh Acharya. 

My pain point is, if you had to show an actor "who can dance", why not ensure that stunning choreography is a part of the movie? Shahid dear, if you had spent half as much time practising and improvising on your dance moves, as much as you did building those Popeye muscles, this movie might have been a hit. It seems all you did in the movie was "back straight, little attitude, ho jaayega". Nahi hota boss, itane se dance se nahi hota! If you couldn't do stunts, you could have asked a body double to enthuse us with some awesome dance moves. Apart from that, the poor children whom you spent half your movie training, were made to dance in slow motion. Where is the justice in that!

Will you also please tell Mr. Ken Ghosh that if he wanted to make a movie on a struggling actor, the promos shouldn't have showed dance as the main theme. Apart from that also inform Mr Ganesh Acharya that he did a terrible job of choreography. Or was it your muscle-building-blindness that restricted him? Oh and why didn't you just sell your car to pay rent for a few months? Is it better to live in a car than a house? I'm sure many guys wish that when they say "I love you" to the girl they wish to patao, the girl would sharmao just the way Genelia did when you said "I love you" to her for no rhyme or reason. Terrible terrible letdown I must say.

I end this letter with a fervent prayer that Bollywood makes some sensible movies based on dance. Naach gaana is our USP and we are not making any use of it! Oh and Shahid, better luck next time...


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  1. Sounds like a cliche-ridden story, can well be described in a line :D

    I wonder if they started shooting before actually writing a script! :D