Monday, February 1, 2010

Back Home.. At last!

My heart aches at the sight of my dwindling readership as can be evidently seen from google-analytics. I sincerely thank the people who kept lingering around for something new and did not let the readership count touch 0 on any given day. Unfortunately, getting digitally pampered in terms of having a laptop and wireless internet makes one quite incapable of blogging with a 512mb RAM desktop and 50 kbps dial up internet connection. Having given sufficient excuses for my laziness and utter lack of will to move my ass in any direction whatsoever while getting thoroughly indulged by my parents, I will now attempt to re-engage your interest in my self-indulgent chatter.

Going to the 124th floor of the 160 storeys tall Burj Dubai (or Burj Khalifa, I do not care to argue), was a real treat. 100 dhs (1400 rupees) per head entry charge is a bit too steep but the whole thing is kind of worth it because there are super cool telescopes with attached digital screens as a result of which you do not have to pretend to be a pirate while trying to make your one eye focus on something obscure and blurred. As is our luck, that day was extremely hazy and we could barely see a few kilometers away. The telescopes once again came to the rescue with static day and night images already present. The fastest lift in the world (10 m/s) took us straight up to the 124th floor and my ears were popping trying to adjust to the height so quickly. Once up there, the viewing deck was out in the open but fully protected by glass so no chance of anybody having a historic suicide. Me and my Dad went crazy with 2 cameras and took loads of pics. To conclude, I still think that its better to look AT the Burj Dubai than to look FROM the Burj Dubai.

I also managed to catch up with a few friends to go to Ceramique Cafe. There are plenty of mugs, plates, bowls, dishes made in ceramic which you need to buy. The waiters then provide you with paints and a pencil with which you can destroy the pristine white thing (I did :D) and then they put it in the flame so that the paint shines and you have something really fancy to use as a showpiece. In this photo, I have showed the backside of the plate because the front side looks like it has been painted by a lunatic. I hope my Mom manages to get the plate back safe and sound without "accidentally" breaking it :P It was fun to unleash my creative side and go wild with the paints and my imagination :D

The best part about this trip is that the Dubai Metro has started. I used to hate going to Dubai because it is impossible to commute there without a car. The taxi fares are ridiculous and the buses were infrequent. Now, however, the metro goes far n wide for very cheap rates and is very convenient to use. As a result I crashed into my best friend's place at least twice and landed up at her office too. Ok this is a girl friend and I am not some crazy stalker. We ended up having the best time and I was really glad that I could commute without having to rely on my Dad. Mom and me went to malls far and wide to shop to our heart's content. Just when I was completely about to write off Dubai..

This is one trip I'll definitely not forget in a hurry.

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