Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Anger Management

At some point in our lives, we have all been furious enough to throw things around, yell at someone or break something. Maybe even hit someone. Or say something really hurtful which we end up regretting later. At that time however, it seems like the most accurate thing to do. What happens after we calm down? We regret. Regret about the feelings that we hurt. My head starts hurting from all the buzzing going on inside it. But you know what? I never feel bad about it. I always feel that it was justified. Why?

I have realized that nearly all kinds of anger is one or the other form of righteous indignation. When this phrase "righteous indignation" is used in novels, it paints a very funny picture of Charlie Chaplin glaring at me. Its not scary, its silly n funny. Not at all relateable to how you feel when you're angry right? Its true though, if you think about it. Anger in any form is just righteous indignation. It could be for yourself or for others. Getting pissed off about somebody holding up the queue? RI (Righteous indignation) about how my time is important. Upset about someone making fun of your dressing sense? Someone making fun of your mom? Someone making you wait? Someone breaking your favorite pen? Someone calling your religion names? All this is one or the other form of righteous indignation. This in turn stems from ego. If you remove ego, there is no anger.

It sounds really simple doesn't it? And like all simple-sounding-things, very hard to implement in real life. Ego is within us, at its simplest it is self respect. However, it is also a fact that you do not necessarily need to react to everyone and everything around you. Is it necessary to speak harsh words in haste which you know you'll regret later? Is it necessary to hit someone? Best part is, it is very easy to control and manipulate someone who is angry. This doesn't mean that we should never get angry. We should be angry about injustice of any form. We should be angry about rights denied to us. But, never let anger get the better of you. Use your anger in a positive manner. I leave you with one quote.

"Anger is like a hot burning coal. You pick it up with the intention of throwing it at someone, but it ends up charring your inner self"

Now, who put smudges on my beautiful DBB!! I'm going to kill my brother!!!! ;D


  1. IMO righteous indignation arises when I make myself, my way of thinking the standard of righteousness. Self-righteousness.

  2. There is no need to control your anger. Anger is a rather destructive force but its power can be harnessed for doing useful work. Once I got so pissed off with my manager at my past job that I used this anger to work 36 hours non-stop and complete several pending tasks. Perhaps the origins of the Sith of the Star Wars universe can give a better idea...

  3. @Anuj: you may have a point there, although it doesn't necessarily have to always be only you.

    @Chinmay: Yeah I know that story. Like I said, using anger in a positive manner, which is exactly what you did, machhar bites n all :D