Friday, February 19, 2010

Second to none..

I really enjoy dancing and at one point of life I seriously considered taking it up as a profession. In one of the dance seminars that I attended, I remember somebody referring to dance as a sport. Somehow, I never thought of dance as a sport. I mean, dance is dance, and I hate sports! However, I have to admit, there are many similarities between the two. Just like any sport, dance also teaches character-building. I learnt a very important fact about myself while dancing...

A few years ago, I used to go for Bollywood dance classes at an institute. I had completed the basic course and was learning in the advance batch. One day, our dance instructor asked me to step back from the second row to the third row of the dance group. The formation in which we were practising was the one in which we would perform on the final day, in front of friends and family. Although I never really cared about being in the second row before, I felt deeply insulted about being transferred to the third row. Nobody would be able to see me! Besides, I considered myself to be a decent dancer, very worthy of the second row, not at all third row material! Alas the difference in perceptions!

I sulked and sulked for the rest of the class. However, in the next class I resolved to dance so well that I would come, not just back to the second row, but to the first row, in the centre position. I paid careful attention to all new steps and danced, danced with all my energy. I felt drained and exhausted, but Sir noticed my enthusiasm and pulled me to the front row. I didn't get the centre position, but at least I came to the front row. Needless to say, I was immensely happy and danced really hard for the next few classes, lest I be thrown back to the third row again.

Gradually though, I came to realize that its not just about dancing in the front row. It is about dancing your best, no matter where you are. If you are good, you'll get noticed. Moreover, I realized that the burning desire to prove myself, came only when I felt insulted about being relegated to the third row. Had I been left to dance in the second row, I would have never improved. I guess, in life, sometimes you need that extra sting, that push, which makes you go over the edge, give it your best shot. However, the push might not always come, the sting might not always hurt. The determination to succeed should come first from within. The motivation to be the best should be present from the beginning.


  1. There is nothing like the 1st row or 2nd row or 3rd row for a dance program. Its just what is good for choreography. But then again, why is putting you in the third row good for choreography? :P

  2. Can this post be linked to the other post about anger management? The flow is injury->fear->anger->hatred->... achivement! So extension to self-motivation would be convincing yourself that someone HAS looked down upon you (may or may not be true) and then take the required action.
    "Want to see if I can hack it"? "Well let's just see if I can hack it!!"

  3. @Chinmay: My point was, you cannot always depend on feeling insulted to succeed. The will to succeed should come from within.
    What are you trying to hack? My thought process?

  4. hack!=hacking a computer. hack=can complete a task under trying conditions. The quotation indicates the mental state when you get tired of saying that its wrong and then go the whole nine yards often at your own expense. Since people cannot be depended upon to make you angry, the anger should come from within and empower you to work. So the will to succeed can come from within if it is initially in form of anger and then metamorphs to willpower

  5. Okay whatever the controversy over 1st,2nd or 3rd row, I completely agree with the underlying message of this episode. You need to be stung to get motivated to work hard. Its like- Unless you have someone to compete with you don't work towards improving yourself. Well manifested!