Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs - movie review

Flash reaction: Sooo cute! I loved it :D

Starting from this post, each movie review will have a flash reaction (FR). I think after watching any movie, there is always a flash reaction, a residue of the feelings that you were experiencing while watching the movie. After analysis and dissection, our opinions or views may differ but I think the flash reaction best sums up the review in a line. Alright then, moving on to the detailed review...

The title is a mouthful and when I heard it first, I didn’t really feel like watching it. When I saw the poster and found out the concept, I got interested. The movie is about Flint Lockwood, a nerd who wants to invent something spectacular and out of this world. While his Dad feels that Flint will get himself and all of Shallow Falls into trouble with his crazy inventions, his Mom believes that Flint will someday be a great scientist. Disregarding his Dad’s “fishing metaphors”, Flint starts his pursuit of science. From thought translators that freak out a monkey, to flying rat birds, to flying cars that end up in the water, to hair growing potion that grows hair from his Dad’s entire face, Flint does not get discouraged by his many failures.

He finally hits upon the idea of making a machine that transforms water into food by modifying its molecular structure. As he starts the machine, as has to be with all of Flint’s inventions, it starts flying all about the town, knocking down people and disrupting a Sardine festival going on in the town. Finally it ends up in the sky where it starts drawing water from the clouds and throwing food down. Thus the title “cloudy with a chance of meatballs”. Enter Sam Sparks, a pretty reporter who is sent to Shallow Falls to cover the weather. She gets her big break when it starts raining food in Shallow Falls. Shallow Falls’ food problems seem to come to an end as it starts raining burgers, pancakes and anything made to order. However, soon the food starts mutating to become bigger. So big, that it could break down entire buildings. With the help of her weather reader, Sam soon predicts that the food rain might hit the entire earth. Will Flint Lockwood be able to use his ingenuity to save the earth?

What I really liked about this movie are the characters. Steve the monkey, who is perpetually stuck with the thoughts translator provides much entertainment and the chemistry between Flint and Sam is sweet. Baby brent, the star of Shallow Falls who is famous for his role in a sardine ad when he was a baby and is now riding on false fame also makes for a fun character. Flint’s relationship with his father is also endearing as he tries so hard to make his father proud with his inventions but his father is always wary of them. My point being, even though this is a crazy animated movie, there is much to take away and think about after you’ve wiped out the tears of laughter.

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