Sunday, February 28, 2010

My first cribby post

Ok so maybe not first. Its the first one to have this title though! So the first thing I want to crib about is mine and God's fight against my weight loss. It seems recently whenever I look at myself in the mirror and decide, hell I'm going to do something about this! God says "We'll see". A few days ago I went to play table tennis with my mom and immediately contracted a cold. Yes, I got a cold WHILE playing tt. It started off with a very weird throat infection and turned into a full blown cold a couple of days later. Needless to say, I needed no greater excuse to keep sleeping for hours on an end. 

The next time when this happened was when I decided to go for my aerobics class. Yes, I've finally joined my aerobics class! I went for 2 days and precisely at the end of the 2nd day, I started suffering from stomach ache. I think I had a mild case of food poisoning. So I'm back to not walking, not playing. Although I am eating less too so that should compensate for some loss of activity. Even so, I am tired of falling sick all the time! I've just been bogged down by 1 disease or the other and ironically right when I'm trying to get some semblance of regular physical activity in my life... Yeah God, we'll see! Hmpf!

Next in my list of cribbing is my age. I'm almost 25! I feel like I'm suffering from mid-life crisis. Everything will go downhill from here! Its so strange to hear myself say things which I've heard from 40 year old people before. As they say though, 30s is the new 20s and by extension of that definition, 20s must be the new teens so I have quite a lot of time before I start trying to brake my downhill process. Time seems to have flown! I guess this is just because I am sitting at home whole day. I can literally count every minute passing away. Scary feeling, that is...

Last on my crib list today is Holi. "Bura na mano, holi hai" never ever works on me. Mujhe hamesha bura lagta hai if someone comes and smears colors on my face when I am in no mood to play. Plus, this article by Indian Express makes me say "seeeee!"

Alright so its not so bad, its kind of fun too. In the past few years though I have been extremely averse to playing Holi. The color just doesn't go out from your hair. In some cases, I've seen people walking around with yellow eyes. The hours and hours and days and days of baths are just not worth it for a few hours of "fun". I think it is just an excuse to beat up people you have a strong grudge against, or even a mild one for that matter. I regret to say that I've played with eggs and Subja once and walked around like an urchin for hours after that. Oh God, but that was years ago! Anyway, tomorrow is Holi and I am for sure going to flout the "no-scarf" rule. I am going out covered from head to toe! My dearest friends, please forget my home address till end of tomorrow...



  2. Its a real thing! And I thought I was the only one... Whoosh :D

  3. How can you guys afford to have a crisis? Where do you get the time to think whether you are in a crisis or not? All these things are in the mind... a good dose of reality will cure you for sure.

  4. Haha as wikipedia claims, its a real thing! Apart from that, I've got plenty of time to think of such things while being stuck at home! Of course its a mind thing. I think I'll color my hair pink to get over it ;D