Friday, March 26, 2010

Unaerobic stories

So, as you guys know, I am a huge aerobics fan. Although for the major part of the class I'm sincerely working out, there are some moments when I'm doubling over, laughing like crazy. Moments when I forget my steps and the aerobics instructor loudly calls out "Manasi! Pay attention!!" and I laugh to hide my embarrassment. I have been seriously considering changing my name and not letting her know about it, but since she has all the members' cards, that's going to be a mean trick.

Funny thing about the instructor is, she doesn't know how to count. I mean somebody, please send the lady to a primary school. To give a little background, she has taken it upon herself to whip all of us into shape via the 3-day aerobics session. So it's not just aerobics, which is mostly cardio, but we've to suffer through weights, floor exercises, weights AND floor exercises... So in the midst of a particularly excruciating ab workout she'll say:

"Last 3 to go!" 


"Last 2 to go, come on girls UP!"

"UP! Stay! (Yeah right! :P Not after you cheated us this way Mam!) "

See what she did there? She keeps trying these mean tricks on us. 

The aerobics hall is awesome, in that it has a full wall covered with mirrors. Now obviously, we're all narcissists and I admit I keep staring at myself at times rather than concentrating on the steps. But at least I do it when I'm facing the mirror. There are a few steps in aerobics when you need to turn to the side. One pretty girl in our class keeps twisting her neck and checking herself out even then! I wonder if she's taking classes with Ramsey brothers to master the art of rotating her neck 180 degrees to look at herself when her back is turned to the mirror. I mean yeah you're pretty, don't break your neck over it!

Talking about scary movies, don't miss this review of Shaapit... I don't know how to pronouce it, I usually just say Shatap! :P

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  1. bhaari!uuaahahahaha!!!! Thumbs UP....! still counting... well there is still time for down... how do your abs feel??