Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Creeky" memories

A trekking-enthusiast friend of mine recently bought herself a brand new mountain bike. Electric blue in color with 25 gears, I was dazzled by the description. I've been lusting after a bicycle since ages now and her description of her recent possession made me turn green with envy and reminded me of my own electric pink and blue bicycle. Guys, please don't stop reading. It wasn't barbie pink at least :P 

My first bicycle had side wheels and it was with great difficulty that I was convinced to remove those and learn how to really ride it. It had a comfortable back rest and I think I learnt how to ride in a considerably short span of time. The real test came when I got my first LadyBird bike, electric pink and blue in color with 15 gears. Alright, 5 gears :P I remember barely being able to sit on the seat and touch both legs on the ground. I had to learn how to ride all over again! The almost cliched scene where parents hold on to the seat and run behind the bike, finally letting go when they feel the kid has got control, and the kid has an ecstatic grin on his/her face came true for me at that time. I was old enough to take out the bicycle by myself and soon started exploring new grounds to test my newest, most-favorite possession. 

It was at this time that I discovered the creek. Or rather, re-discovered it. The creek is a small water body, almost like a river, that divides Dubai into 2 parts, namely Bur Dubai and Deira. It spans almost a 100 metres in width and I don't really know how long it is. The best part is that it flows into the Arabian Sea and this fact is lucratively used by luxury liners docked along the creek. A thin strip of land along a section of the creek has been developed for recreational purposes. It was at this stretch that I re-discovered the creek. Most of this stretch has a strong bulwark to prevent people from falling into the creek but there is a section where there is no railing. 

It used to be exhilarating to ride along this stretch because it was the least in width (barely 6 metres) and was flanked on one side by the wall of some Government office. On the other side was obviously the creek and when I used to cycle, I could see the water rushing past in wonderful small currents caused by the lovely breeze. One particularly lucky day saw a flock of seagulls flying almost alongside me, close to the water's surface, presumably looking for food. I really miss being near water bodies, no a river really doesn't make the cut. The beach was another place where I would lose myself in my own thoughts but another post, another day for that. 

Meanwhile, my birthday is coming closer, so you know what to get for me :D Oh and electric blue is my favorite color too :D

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  1. Damn! You built up the climax of the blog by describing a section of the thin strip from where people can enjoy impromptu swims in the Arabian Sea, complete with sea gulls to provide distraction. But the next thing you do is blow it up by becoming lost in thoughts rather than lost beneath the waves with the electric eel, sorry, electric blue bike. I was hoping for some stunts with the electric bike and the blue creek, but you chose to go to the beach instead. Manna, where are you?

  2. @Chinmay: You hoped that I fell into the creek didn't you? And yeah absolutely right about stunts and Manna. I almost thought of ratting on him when he told me some of the stunts he has attempted with his bike. Unfortunately he doesn't blog yet so you'll have to look elsewhere for stuntmen :P

  3. recently got to know that the "great" MF Hussain's bungalow next to the 'creek'...creepy, huh?

  4. @Anon: MF Hussain has a bungalow in Dubai?? That's news to me! With citizenship of Qatar, he's becoming like a Middle East man or something :O