Tuesday, March 30, 2010

101st post

Normally, bloggers celebrate the century mark but I've decided to do things a little differently. Contrary to what you may assume from knowledge of my dear love for puppies, dogs and cartoons (Yeah I love Tom n Jerry!), I did not choose 101 as the benchmark because I'm a fan of 101 Dalmations (although they're pretty cute). This has to do with the age old tradition of shagun-apshagun :D

Till I was like 15 years old, on my birthday, my grandparents would give me an envelope containing money. Now they would never just leave in 100 or 50 rupees notes, but would also ensure that a 1 rupee coin was kept inside. If they'd forgotten to put it, they would look around for a rupee, put it in and then give me the envelope. Till date I don't know why they do it (or rather did it, they don't bother anymore), but I used to find it really cute. So, this post is in memory of that cute custom. 

Having said that, it feels great to cross 100! It would really help though if I could get some  constructive feedback. I believe more than anything else, this is a journey to discover my writing skills and enhance them for my chosen path. As they say, having good company always makes a journey more enjoyable and I'm glad to have you, dear reader, in this wonderful journey of self-discovery. 

Keep reading, and Happy Journey!

I've been thinking of a good sign off line. How's this one? Suggestions welcome :D


  1. You're good :) Keep writing!

  2. p.s : putting the "tags" tab somewhere on the page might make the browsing by tabs more efficient :)

  3. @Anon1: Thanks :D

    @Anon2: Suggestion noted, thanks keep visiting :D

  4. heyy! love readin ur blogs coz i sum how closely relate to wateva u write... :) enjoyin da journey... :)

  5. @Neha: Thanks sweetie, keep visiting :-)