Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dubai.. city of lights

Sincere apologies to all readers who wait with baited breaths for my posts. Ok, so this apology doesn't really go out to anyone then... Nevertheless, blogging is going to be extremely erratic as I have dial up at home and I am this close to tearing out my hair in frustration. Besides not being able to open more than 1 website at a time, at times the chat also refuses to show up the characters I am typing as a revolt against multitasking.. Ah the perils of dial up..Do not expect any pics or formatting in the next few posts.. Its a task to even try to facebook.

I am in Dubai! The city of lots of lights and tall buildings with lots of lights to avoid planes crashing into them. On my second day here I went to the base of Burj Dubai, the tallest building in the whole world. And I was literally standing with my mouth wide open. I mean, that is the only way to see that building in its entirety. Neck rolled all the way up and mouth wide open. I was fortunate enough to catch the water fountain show as well. There is a shallow swimming pool with fountain kinda things in it. Every half an hour, they start the water fountain and make it dance in sync with awesome arabic music. There are lights flashing and its simply a beautiful spectacle to behold. Awesome! Again, mouth wide open!

Catching up with my best friend of 10 years was another treat. I sometimes wonder how she knows so much about me coz every time I remember she is yapping away to glory and I can't get a word in edgewise. I guess that's the best part about best friends. They know everything about you without you telling them anything. Since facebooking is virtually impossible I don't know how I am going to get in touch with my school friends but it will be fun to meet up with them for sure. So basically no house chores, mom ke haath ka khaana and loadsa shopping in store! If you can see this post, please say a prayer for my dial up connection that it doesn't keep getting disconnected on it's own whim.. Toodle do!

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