Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, Manna

Fighting with Dad to have you on my lap,
Reassuring him that my 5 year old body can take your weight,
Grunting about what a heavy baby you were,
But still trying to understand, what's a little brother,

Hitting you with tennis balls while playing,
Being (maybe) partially resposible for your huge specs number,
Bullying you, getting teased by you,
Pakistan pinches India, and India hits back!

Pakistan goes crying to US(Mom) for help,
And India gets a stern warning,
But behind US's back,
India Pakistan conspire happily again,

Watching you gain medals in Karate,
Seeing your strength increase day-by-day,
Taking inspiration for studies from you,
My blue-eyed bro was good at all,

Birthday after birthday,
I wished I did something special for you,
But each birthday just goes by,
And all I can do is wish you,

I wish you the best of health,
I wish you all success,
I wish you a responsible & happy life,
Dear Bro, I wish you many happy returns of the day!


  1. Wow..I bet your bro has got a best present.

  2. Hey,I loved the way you have put it down! The inclusion of Pakistan-India-US gave it a different touch. And wishing Manna a belated happy birthday!