Friday, February 26, 2010

A touch of nostalgia

I recently had to visit my college to persuade a teacher to provide me with a recommendation letter. She was sweet enough to agree, and I was pleasantly surprised to have all my work finished within a matter of few hours. Quite in contrast to my college days when I had to wait hours on an end because the office was closed, or the stationery staff was having lunch. Patience was the most tested virtue and on several occasions I remember running out of it. When I was in college, I had the privilege of attending one alumni meet because I was on the students panel. I heard all ex-students telling me to enjoy my college life because it won't last forever. And I was like, enjoy what? Such pressure during submissions, the stress of exams? I believe there really was nothing much to enjoy. Coming back to the present, by chance I landed up in college during the annual college fest Gandhar. I was very graciously invited to the final eve of the week-long event.

Two years in the professional world have made me see things in a completely different perspective. Throughout the week-long Gandhar, there is tremendous amount of noise coming from the open air auditorium in between buildings, which does not allow anybody to hear a single word anybody else is saying. The college staff not only tolerates this, they also join in to enjoy. Apart from that, while as students we ambled into lectures at 8:45, all teachers had to and still have to report at 8 am sharp. We never really gave that a thought. I made up my mind to come for Gandhar eve, just to see if it was done as it used to be done in the good ol' days (yeah yeah it was 3 years ago!). I reached college and the audi was jam packed. I made my way to the 2nd floor and sat on the balcony with my legs dangling down, head bent low and watching the stage almost in top view(our college has 4 buildings joined in a square and the audi is in between). Just like a student. I felt too shy to go and visit all the teachers. I had the best time though.

The performances were amazing as usual and this time the staff had also joined in for putting up skits and dances. I think I have always been immensely proud of the fact that I have come from an all girls college. We did and still do EVERYTHING by ourselves. Finally, I can relate to what my alumni were saying. Its not a very good feeling. It seems I have missed out on enjoying the best of my years. I wish I had cribbed less or laughed more. Its like a filter has been put on all my college-related memories. I can only remember all the good times. Nevertheless, I still have the best that my college had to offer. My awesome friends. Hey guys, remember when we... ?


  1. My dad used to talk about Cummins college gatherings. I could have attended a show on his invite but he warned me to stay away since Cummins gals were a "dangerous lot". After spending 3 yrs at work and meeting several of these Amazonians, I am inclined to agree :P

  2. Its funny how you never cracked a single Cummins joke when we worked together :P Maybe you really are afraid of the "Amazonians" :D

  3. :) I wonder why everyone has this notion about Cummins girls... but coming back to the article... oh yes... we had great time...