Saturday, February 27, 2010


The rising number of suicides for seemingly silly reasons has prompted me to write this poem. Although I am not in that person's shoes, hence I am no one to judge if it was right to commit suicide, but even so, it seems that this "last" option is being taken up very eagerly by people who suffer even minor setbacks. 

Reprimanded by my school teacher,
Failed a very crucial exam,

Dumped by the love of my life,
Falsely accused by all my colleagues,

All these problems, and many more such,
Not bourne by a single person, but a motley bunch,

All trudge on towards the end of the cliff,
Where the earth meets the sky, the ocean, the horizon,

Do they hesitate? Do they yearn?
For some understanding or help?

A hug, a kind word, an "everything's going to be ok",
Said at the right time, could have saved them,

Are we weak or plain insensitive?
No distinction between people who commit suicide and those who don't,

All it takes is one major failure, or even a minor one,
In today's increasingly fragile world,

To turn from you into "them",
Similarly walking towards the end of the cliff,

A hug, a kind word, an "everything's going to be ok",
Is all that is required, to save "us"...


  1. Once you are done with it, your (and other's) troubles are over. Whether a cowardly act or not is a different matter but history has heaped glory upon suicidal protagonists. Samurai chose suicide over shame but these guys were professionals bred only to wage wars. Other way, suicide is an acceptance of cowardice and disgrace. Its usually helpful if the person goes down without taking others with him. Being incapable of controlling oneself, the person was useless anyway and did the right thing by putting himself out of his misery.

  2. You are talking about adults, I am talking about kids. When a kid commits suicide because he failed an exam, or his teacher scolded him, it shows what a fragile environment we live in. Don't you think they could be saved with a display of compassion? Or rather, they should be? Failing an exam is hardly a reason to give up your life. The reasons are getting sillier by the day going by the papers.

  3. True.. a word of compassion has great healing powers... it could save many lives...