Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jaadu of a Jhappi

Let's not underestimate the jaadu of a jhappi..

Saw this line in a Shobha De article in TOI. That's not what got me thinking about this topic though.

Of all forms of expressing love or affection, I think a hug is the most satisfying for the giver as well as the receiver. The different kinds of hugs just boggle my mind. There is an only-arms hug which mostly girls give each other. There is no satisfaction in that, its just like a flying kiss.
Then there is a full bodied hug, which my dad gives so well.. I just feel so protected. Though at times I have wondered if my rib cage will break or my nose will get bent forever, but still.. this is the most satisfying hug ever. Time just stands still and you never want the moment to end.

So, what is it about a hug? If you're feeling upset or worried, how does a hug help you? Does it make you forget your worry or tension? I think it makes you stronger. A hug just says "I care". If you just know that somebody cares, you get strength to deal with the situation. Even when you're sick, a hug doesn't cure you. It just gives you strength to fight with that sickness, to not let the physical weakness bog you down mentally.

I've noticed that a hug a day can keep the psychiatrist (or psychologist?? depends on how mental you are..) away.. So hug away! You never know what mental or physical illness you might be becoming stronger against..

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