Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Dance. A dance can make or break you, It can break you first and then make you. What is the highest level of achievement in dancing? Is it being able to do mind boggling stunts? Or is it knowing all positions of Bharatnatyam? Is it being able to flex your body this way n that? Or is being able to connect with your audience?

What is the beginning and what is the end? Choreographing accurately, catching every beat, does this make a good dance? Is it about feeling good about yourself? How do you feel when you dance alone? Where there's no one to judge you? What is this feeling of exhilaration when you step in perfect sync of a beat? Balance, grace, expressions what do they contribute to a dance? What can touch people's hearts? Make them give a standing ovation?

Is dancing about versatility? Or is it about being perfect in 1 form? Is it about putting up a good show? Dance is all this and much more.. You need to dance for yourself first. That's the hardest part. Get over the embarrassment of doing any step wrong, missing any beat, looking foolish..

Just dance..


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  2. Dance is something that you cant define...

    it's an expression...a feeling of balance...a feeling of oneness with the self...

    Dance for the sake of dancing...not for an audience..not for achieving a very high level of expertise in it...not for urself...but for dance...

    dat's wat will do justice to dance...nothing else.. :)