Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Do all girls hate being girls?

Wearing my Dad's Kolhapuri chappals which were at least 2 sizes bigger, wearing his watch which has a huge dial, strutting around in shorts n a terrible tee... why does this make me feel cool? Why does it make me feel like a guy? Worse, I can relate to this feeling much better than I can relate to being a girl. A friend once passed this comment "Typical girl" when I said that I love the color pink. To which I'd replied, "I'm NOT a typical girl". To which he'd replied "All girls say that.."

So my point is, do all girls hate being girls? I hate not being able to sit on the road in the middle of the night, smoking away to glory, not caring a damn about being raped all the time I'm alone anywhere.. I hate having periods and being so moody all the time. I hate this expectation of knowing how to cook, clean and worse, being expected to do it all the time. What's with this stereotype of being sacrificial and sati savitri?

When I saw salwar kameez clad girls, I used to feel My god, they're those typical saas bahu type girls. Very loving caring, very comfortable being girls, even loving it for that matter. I used to hate them and at the same time I used to feel jealous. Why couldnt I accept my feminity as easily as they seemed to be doing? It took just one person to completely break this bias. RT, you rock dude. I mean, here's this girl, always been in SKs, but hates, H-A-T-E-S all the limitations associated with being a girl. She's ambitious and has great pride in herself. The only area where she's accepted that she cant be a guy is dance. That's why I want to ask this question to all girls. Do you hate being called girls? Because of all that is associated with it? Do you smirk at anybody who calls you a girl and show them your fist to show you that you are strong, that you are not just a girl?? Why do we do that? I think the society has created a really typical stereotype for girls. Ekta Kapoor's bloody saas bahu serials are not helping either.

The only point to this post being, when I die, I am going to ask God, why did he create women. I mean, if you're gonna give her the responsibility of bearing a child, might as well make her strong too.. I feel there should've been just 1 sex. Boring as that might have been, at least we would have all lived in a land of equals. Just cant get over this feeling of being born with a limitation.

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  1. sweetest manasi...
    Loved ur first post ..
    we are like the criminal who wants to steal but doesnt want to go to jail !
    We want the pamperin and the softness associated with being a woman but we dont want people to underestimate the underlying strength. And the "typical" girl emerges from the "typical" male mind .. of a damsel in distress, too weak to handle her own weight and too fragile to take on the world on her own. It is this girl we stand against and this girl we hate. The girl who takes pride in living this image with out without a salwar kameez.

    And Yeah, periods suck.. and PMS a lot more and one sex community ?? i think we can do away with the guys altogether ! ;-) ;-) ;-)

    ladies, join hands !