Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Move on

The latest fast track ads seemed to have scandalized even the most un-orthodox amongst us.
Read Ketki's views on this issue, I think she has raised some very valid points:

Apart from the fact that those ads are promoting promiscuity and have no cool quotient whatsoever, they are also leaving a very bad taste in my mouth. A very good example of vulgarity without flesh display! I'm wondering how come no one has filed a law suit yet considering Indians take offense at the drop of a hat. This time around, I am hoping someone will raise objections.

Not so long ago, the Ax ad with chocolate man was almost banned as it seemed vulgar. I agree, the now censored part did elicit a blush from me, but it was more like an "Oh! Hehehehe" kind of blush. Besides, it was in good humour and only extremely touchy people found it really offensive. Mercifully, when that particular portion was deleted, the ad was allowed to air again and I believe though creativity took a backseat here, it was still a victory that the rest of the ad was allowed to be broadcast.

In the case of fast track ads, there is no humour or creativity. I wonder what those idiots were thinking. Did they want to catch the attention of the uber-cool Gen Y? They'd be fools to think that dating without responsibility is Gen-Y. I think the younger generation is way more mature and will not get swayed by this nonsense. Even then, to allow such rubbish to be aired on national television is a disgrace. This ad is not even worthy of a ban or a law suit. It should simply be dropped as a C-grade attempt at advertisment.

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