Monday, November 30, 2009

The written word..

This is my favorite phrase. The written word. It doesn't literally mean just one word written somewhere. It could denote anything from a treaty, to a contract, to a poem, to a story to an entire tome!

Most of my friends complain that they can never write a blog, or that even if they do start with one, they're not sure if anybody will read it. I know I used to feel the same way when I used to see really good blogs. All it took me was one bad blog to realize that Hey! I can write much better than that! Inspiration is all around us. You decide what inspires you.

My primary inspiration for keeping a blog can be best explained by Boman Irani's dialogue from Bluff Master. Roughly translated, the gist is as follows:
"How old are you? 28 years old? Out of 28 years, how many days do you remember? Birthdays, anniversaries? 50 days? Out of 28 * 365, you only remember 50 days? What about the remaining days?"

My blog, my dear friends, is a way to keep track of each and every day. Jab hosh sambhala, I had grand plans for myself. I would become a movie star, a celebrity, a great dancer, famous, well known! I didn't become all of that (yet :D), but my story is still so amazing. I had never imagined that my story would be so full of life and colors. If you think back, you'll also realize, that your story, though different from what you had imagined it would be, is breath-taking, wonderful, autobiography material! Write about it, cherish it, treasure it, you never know who might derive inspiration from your story. I urge all my readers, please start your own blogs! (That does not mean that you should stop reading mine :P) Write about stuff that you are passionate about, like to do, let your thoughts and words flow!

When you do, please add your blog links in the comments section of this post. Same goes for people who have already started their own blogs. Let's be a part of each others' stories...


  1. I loved the way you have said.. Let's be a part of each others' stories...

    for aren't we all passengers... with our bags and luggage of stories and feelings? our secret garden and the flowers that we keep :)

    amazing, you inspire thoughts :) keep writing.

    here i am -

  2. @Kedar: Well said! I am a regular reader of your blog and I always look forward to new posts put up by you.. :D

    @Tushar: thanks :D

  3. I liked this one! And what is important is you have not only written this but you also encourage new blogs! :-) Great spirit! Way to go! cheers!

  4. @Deepti: Thanks babes! :D
    And thanks for following my blog :D