Thursday, November 5, 2009


A very very cynical friend: "Graphology? That doenst work! I dont believe in it!"

Me: "What is there to believe? Its not a religious faith that you need to believe in it! Its a science!"

AVVCF: "To me, its similar to palmistry and mythology.."

Me: "I told you around 20 accurate traits about yourself, which I didn't hear from your mouth, and you're telling me that its equivalent to Palmistry? WTF!!"

AVVCF: "Yeah whatever, you just got lucky I guess. Its not so easy to judge me by my handwriting.."

Another in the series of graphology posts, this one I dedicate to human psychology.

Most of my friends refuse to "believe" in Graphology. They refuse to give me their handwriting. I believe they have something to hide. Maybe past affairs, maybe something else. Problem is, they don't know exactly what all I will be able to see in their handwriting. Apart from that, most people have the belief that they are extremely unique. Relying on a science whose methods of investigation include collecting samples and then categorizing people seems too much like compartmentalizing. And people hate to be told that they are like someone else.

I used to be that way too. I am unique, I am different, Graphology can't slot me into a type of person! Now I feel, hell, if I'm like everyone else, good! I'm not suffering alone! Everytime we're stuck in a problem, we take tension, we dont know how to get out of it, we feel we are the only one suffering. But if you keep this in mind, that you are no different, you are just like everybody else, there are people who've made worse mistakes than you, taken worse gaaliyan than you, you start feeling calm. Belileve me, it works. Its a pleasure to discover that you are not very different from others. You are not an island, stuck in the middle of the sea. So shut up and please give your handwriting for analysis!


  1. M J Rajore ?

    I might go for the one by

    I have a bunch of books on the subject. It's not all hogwash, I guess. BUT Calibri is a good font.

  2. Hi Mohit,
    I'd gone to a Parsi couple to learn about Graphology. They teach at their own bungalow and take only 5-6 students at a time. As a result, the attention is much more personalized. Its a certified course too. Let me know if you are interested. What's the relation with Calibri font.. ?

  3. I guess you're talking about Pune. I'm in Delhi now...if it's in Delhi, I'm interested :)

    Somewhere on this blog, people were being judged for their liking for Calibri. I think you can be a good human being and like Calibri at the same time !!

  4. Ah! Ok, then all the best :) We could probably share some notes ;)

    Calibri is a good font choice, no embellishments, simplistic writing. You will learn all these terms I guess in graphology.

    My point was that, Tushar refused to give his OWN handwriting, instead offering a typed sheet. That's what makes him a person who wants to hide something :P You should be confident enough to not pass Calibri as your own handwriting, dont you think? ;)

  5. Thanks for your hopes for my vocabulary !

    If I write down a paragraph on a sheet of paper, photograph/scan it and send it to you would you have the courage to tell it as it is ? And the heart to not charge for it ?

    Would you? Would you? - this is the question. "To be or not to be" is just blah.

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  7. Interesting point..
    As one of my first few followers, I'm willing to give you a free analysis. But only of 10 most important traits. For the remaining, there has to be some money coming my way. :)
    Please write with a black pen on a blank paper taking no lines for support. And sign at the end.
    Thanks for contributing to my study :D

  8. 10? Let's settle on 50 traits.

    The more you give, the more you get (from the universe, not me!) Come on, you know you want to. Coolio.

    Please send me an email on my id (it would be visible to you I'm sure). I'll email you the file within 3 working days.

    Thanks (I think we just had a 'double thank you' moment !)

  9. Yeah, we'll see about the number of traits wiseguy.
    Anyway, here is the address where you can email me:
    Double thank you it is!
    Please write a bit about yourself.