Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The last to cross the finishing line..

I was watching the Marathi Sa Re Ga Ma Pa recently (ok my ear was in that direction while I was chatting on my DBB), and I heard this contestant singing some Marathi song. As usual, Mom's running commentary was going on side by side where she was rating each singer.

For this particular singer, her comment was "Phaarshi kahi chaangli gaat nahiye, sundar ahe mhanun azun ahe show madhe" (She didnt sing that well, they've not eliminated her yet coz she's pretty)
I finally turned slightly more than my half ear towards the show and I noticed that she sung neither too good nor too bad, just about average. I guess she looked half pretty. I wondered if what Mom was saying was true.

A few weeks later, again same scenario, I was listening with half a ear and I suddenly started hearing Maayya Maayya from Guru. At first I thought some music channel was on but when I looked up, I saw that the same female was singing this song. Apparently when there are non-Maharashtran judges, a few hindi songs are allowed. And she was singing it so well! She got all the pronounciations right, she got all the surs right. She was sounding like a Maharashtran Sunidhi! She got the highest marks possible and one of the judges promised to compose a Marathi song that only she would be able to sing. What a moment of glory!

I then wondered, why was it that she didn't perform so exceptionally well during her other performances. Was she incapable? I think she proved that wrong going by her Mayya Mayya performance. Was she lazy? Or maybe she didn't particularly like Marathi songs. Whatever the reason, with one song she justified the reason for her presence in the competition and proved herself to be capable of winning the competition. This just goes to show that no matter how much you are lagging in a race, you should keep striving. You never know when your efforts will pay off. Gives me a lot of inspiration to continue writing coz right now I believe I am way behind others. But patience and persistence does pay, it seems :)