Sunday, July 4, 2010

Limitless creativity...

I love the process of deconstructing an unnatural phenomenon. The wonder that I feel, just before discovering the truth, gives me a real high. For instance, while traveling, I've often noticed that a few homes and buildings appear as if they have no entry roads leading up to them. Now I know, its impossible that such a building would exist, but when I was younger, my imagination would run wild at the thought of living in such a house or building. Do the owners magically teleport into their homes? Do they leave their cars on the main road and always go walking in? More than anything else, the very idea of a home with no visible road leading up to it fascinated me, since it is such an outlandish idea.

When my friend was younger, he used to get scared looking into puddles during daytime. He could see the sky reflected in them, and assumed that the puddle was that deep! When I was young, if I ate a lot of chicken, my parents would say, "tomorrow  morning, kukuchakoo noises will come out of your stomach" and I used to actually believe that. When we see magic performed by a magician, till the trick is revealed to us, either by our own brain or by the magician, we believe it to be true. The point before the truth is revealed, the mind is free to explore so many possibilities! Such creativity can be employed to explain even a seemingly simple incident or object. It amazes me, the kind of constructive and destructive distraction our own minds can provide us...


  1. It’s strange that the main impulse needed for innovation is subdued in our schools. Thinking out-of-the-box (or out-of-the-textbook) is sacrilege. If a kid is asked, “What did Newton learn under the apple tree?”, there is no chance of hearing answers like, “Never sit under a coconut tree” or “Wear a hat when you sit under a tree” or “It is wrong to play truant”. This attitude is carried on to adulthood thereby eliminating the desire to find the truth behind pressing issues - and people wonder why forcing Indians to study still does not result in national progress. A lack of creativity is present throughout Indian society – be it the TV shows / Bollywood movie scripts or the education system. It is a vicious circle because the creativity required to change the system itself is stamped out.

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