Sunday, June 6, 2010

Success - a ladder

1.... 2..... 3.... breathe! 
1.... 2.... 3.... breathe!! 
Yeah this blog is not all that dead..

Doctor's diagnosis: A simple case of writer's block. 

First off, updates. All the newspaper reading finally paid off. On 3rd June, I got an admit from Xavier Institute of Communications in Mumbai! Needless to say I'm on cloud 9. Most importantly though, I realized, this is just a step towards what I really want.

While I was waiting with baited breath for the results to come through, my entire focus was on getting an admit from the college of my dreams. I kept thinking, once I get this, I'll be happy. What I didn't realize was that it was just a small part of the larger picture. This became evident when, along with my admission letter, I was given a list of suitable accommodation. Now I'm thinking, once I get a decent accommodation with good roommates, I'll be happy. I'm sure once I join college, there'll be another 'once I do xxxx, I'll be happy'. It never ends.

I guess this is how life works. You conquer one Everest, and there is another one right around the corner. Most importantly, only those who don't keep gloating on the first Everest ever become really successful in life. However, life cannot be a dreary trek of climbing one Everest after the other. Some celebration is surely due for all the small and big victories achieved. What I've learned though is, when the next Everest comes, face it with a big smile instead of a "Sigh! Not again!" ;D


  1. nice write up... nd congrats! just one thought everest (ny mountain for that matter)can not be conquered it can be survived! simlarly thought behind achiving smthing should not be hold as conquered... it can be saved back in memories / cherished nd move on to another peak.... many ppl have said it, yet another time - destinations will change its the journey which will make us / humanbeings proud nd more wiser - if taken in good spirits. wish you good luck for yet another journey!

  2. Two points here. Are you sure that pursuit of happiness is the driving force here? What about, "The glory/satisfaction/redemption lies in the struggle" kind of stuff? Also there's the story that says that a poor yet content man dug up 8 pots, 7 of which were filed with gold, the last was empty. And then he began to work overtime, over-exerting himself in an attempt to fill up the last one (which never got filled) and the man lost all peace of mind.

  3. @Siddharth: Thanks :) You're right about the journey being more important than the destination. Sometimes the destination becomes so important that we forget to enjoy the journey in the process.. Hopefully I'll remember to enjoy the journey now ;)

    @Chimya: I don't mind struggling for things that I can control. For e.g. now getting good marks in Xavier exam is in my hands because it depends on how hard I study. However, before this, it was all on chance. For e.g. getting through the entrance test, making an impression on the interviewer. Even now, getting a good accommodation, good roommates, its all uncertain and something which I can't control. That's why it is an "Everest" :)

    The main point of this post was that when we see an unsurmountable obstacle, we fixate on it so much that we cannot think beyond it, which was what happened to me. And when we look back, (while looking ahead at the next problem), we always feel that the earlier problem was silly as compared to the one we're facing now.

  4. i would say that your concentration on the results and anticipation of the resultant happiness gave you what you wanted...

    Om Shanti Om philosophy....kisi cheez ko poore dil se chaho....etc etc.. :P

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  6. Congratulations Manasi. Very well written ! Keep writing. I am a regular reader.

  7. @Anon: I'd like to think so :)

    @Shantanu: Thanks for the encouragement :)

  8. This is awesome ! Congrats. And if I were you I would start celebrating immediately. You cant defer the good times (they're like tomatoes - they rot away quickly).

  9. @iceman: Thanks :) A big round of celebrations with friends and family is already over.. Now its time for the next big mountain :)