Sunday, April 25, 2010


From the comfort of her home,
She spied a shiny object,
Curious and excited,
She stepped out to discover,

On reaching the spot,
To her dismay,
It wasn't a shiny pearl,
But a pebble reflecting the moon,

As she looked up,
She saw another shiny object,
That one must be a diamond!
She set forth to discover again,

Just as before,
It wasn't a pearl,
But a pretty sea shell,
Reflecting the moon,

At another distance,
She spied a colorful sparkling object,
Thus she took another step,
Towards another discovery,

Not realizing with every step she took,
Her perspective changed,
She walked farther away from home,
Chasing glittering worthless gold,

And so far she reached,
In her pursuit of shiny objects,
She could not find her way back,
To the comfort of her home,

Now she wanders alone,
Shiny things no longer bedazzle her,
Her biggest loss is,
Home and comfort do not befall her...


  1. Wow... It has a different depth. Can relate to it many aspects. Well written. I only wish it was not written in free verse...

  2. You can add the following stanzas to it:-

    Now feeling all distraught and lost,
    She thought she had paid too big a cost
    Chasing dreams of baubles and shiny objects,
    Her greatest fear now is losing all that she begets

    Perhaps the motive was wrong but the path was right,
    Trailblazers have always had to struggle and fight
    This path will lead her to something invaluable,
    In time, her ordeal will be an immortal fable

    To think of hearth and home is but natural,
    Often we feel that all that’s done is for null
    Not impossible to find solace if material things are amiss,
    For wise men have said, home is where the heart is

    Finally, we can only hope, that the truth will dawn,
    Her past comforts too were shiny objects to come upon
    The joy lies in the process that is the epiphany,
    Especially if you have someone else for company