Friday, June 26, 2009


I stand alone looking inside..
See a bunch of cool kids hanging out,
Laughing together, slapping hi fi's,
And I stand alone wondering,
Will I ever have that??

A secret shared here,
A shoulder offered there,
Truths hidden so carefully,
Such pains to understand one another,

And I find myself amidst a group,
Of friends grown mature with me,
Our secrets safe with each other,
A look enough to see into each other's hearts,

Long chats in the warmth of our beds,
Teasing each other about crushes,
Predicting each other's rosy futures,
Not to forget, the famous hi fi's,

Life couldnt get better I thought,
As I opened my eyes tearful with laughter,
I saw that you had got married,
And you had gone to UK for a job,
And you had gone to the US for further studies,
And you had got married,

Deadlines, assignments,
home, office,
in the midst of this we barely keep in touch,

When I need you, I think,
Why arent you here?
Do you feel that I dont need you anymore?
Do you think that I can replace you?
Do you think I can make do without you?

I cant..
And I know somewhere that you are lonely too,
Just like me,
Hence I am reaching out to you,
Just give me a few mins of your time,

No matter how old we grow,
We all will need each other,
Let's not grow old alone,
What we have, very few people get,

It's almost impossible to make such a close friendship again,
The innocence of youth no longer a cement to bond,
Sister, soul mate, please sign this treaty,
that you'll always be with me..


  1. This is such an awesome poem! -A

  2. @Anon: Thanks a bunch :)
    Hope you keep tuning in :)