Sunday, February 15, 2009

Woh Chaar Din

Ok so the title is a bit corny. But you know what I'm talking about.
Although I've cribbed about it in the recent past, I feel like talking about it right now.
So what do we go through in those 4 days? Inexplicable pain in the lower abdomen, lots of bleeding... body bloats up, lotsa pimples.. all this is visible. Its there for everyone to see.
But what's going on inside us?
Even though we are good at expressing our feelings, we somehow do manage to bottle up some. Girls care way too much about silly things like not being helped, not taken care of, not given importance ;) And no matter how much we express, some small residue always remains. Maybe because we cant put our fingers on why we're still feeling bad or maybe its too silly to speak out. But period is the time, when sab chalta hai! You can crib about your best friend ditching you for her boyfriend, fret about your boyfriend never getting you any useful gifts, complain about your inlaws.. Everything is allowed! And it so helps to clear out the system! I mean I always cry at least once during those 4 days. And though its usually for really silly reasons, I just feel so cleansed at the end of it. I feel like I can start all over again. That whatever I had thought was hopeless, can be worked on, improved, finished! Its just a natural ebb and flow of courage, passion, negativity and pain.. That's not to say that I am still not fighting with God about why he gave periods only to women :P But yeah, maybe I'm beginning to see the little bit of logic that might have been there to it..
So as they say in that cheesy ad, have a happy period!
Actually I'd say, have a crappy period! Coz the crappier it is, the better it feels when its finally over! :D

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