Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DID - Dhona India Dhona

Dance India Dance is back! This time with precocious little kids who are encouraged to behave even more precociously. Before I start my all-out b***ing, I will admit one thing. Those kids can surely shake a leg. Right, now that being nice is out of the way, I'll go back to being me. 

First and foremost, it is disgusting to see some of the kids gyrating their hips to raunchy item numbers. I don't understand how their parents allow it. Worse, the parents are backstage praying to God that their kid gets selected. Second, offer to give kisses in return for selection. I guess I get scandalized easily but it is supremely irritating to see kids begging to be allowed to participate in DID. Either they plead to be taken in, or offer "kisses" in return. I mean, who teaches them such things! Third, and the worst, the incessant flood of tears. From kids, to parents to the judges themselves! Throw in a devout granny and you have the best soap opera in the world. I suggest DID should tie up with Nirma to sponsor the phrase Rona-dhona.

The previous para is a bit back dated as it applies to auditions. Now the competition has begun and there is thankfully less rona dhona. I just had to get that out of my system though. Most of the antics on stage do elicit a laugh I am wary to admit. I just wish the kids learn to enjoy the competition instead of constantly feeling pressurized to not get eliminated.


  1. Agree. Compared to DID and other so called reality shows, Boogie woogie has done a fabulous job in terms of the talent shown on TV. No rona dhona or 'bribing' the judges.

  2. Hi Siddhesh,

    Thanks for commenting :)
    Boogie Woogie is a clean show no doubt but somehow the dances shown in Boogie Woogie never really captivated me. Could be because they aren't choreographed by experienced choreographers like in Dance India Dance. I always felt Boogie Woogie remained a school dance competition. Anyway, here's hoping the clean entertainment mixes with some good choreography and Boogie Woogie emerges stronger!

  3. Hi,
    Manasi , please do a review for Kites...horrible movie..but love to see ur take on it :P