Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where does the buck stop?

I had a good laugh reading today's newspaper. Reason being, the gross misuse of the phrase "the buck stops here". This phrase indicates that the responsibility for any mistake or wrong doing, is being accepted by the person who is stating this phrase. Hence, when Union Home Minister P Chidambaram used the phrase to criticize W. Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee about his inability to deal with the Naxal attack, he said the buck stops at the Chief Minister's desk. At this time Buddhadeb had strongly condemned P Chidambaram about the type of language he used saying "the word buck is used in gambling, I say mind your language". Talk about focusing on the wrong issue! Later when the terrible Dantewada massacre took place in which 75 CRPF personnel were killed by Maoists, P Chidambaram accepted full responsibility saying the buck stops at my desk and offered to resign.

I guess the phrase has caught on because Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar's daughter Supriya Sule said the following sentence in this article with regards to her role in the IPL controversy:

"I say with full conviction that my husband (Sadanand Sule) or family has nothing to do with any of these issues. We always stay miles away from it. Yes, we are avid cricket watchers, my husband, my kids, my family all and that's where the buck stops," Sule, a Member of Parliament, told reporters here.

I mean, does she even understand the meaning of the phrase? People like Buddhadeb and her should at least look up the meaning and the context of the phrase before lambasting the speaker or using it arbitrarily as they please. Murder of the English language, I say! 

Update: This pest control site has the caption "the bug stops here!" Hilarious!


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