Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Indian Idol is back!

Its that time of the year again. My mom will constantly check her watch to ensure that we reach home just in time. Manna will abandon facebook and sit in front of the tv (I cannot emphasize enough on what a rare occurrence that is!) and I will keep rolling my eyes heavenwards in great exasperation while I can picture my Dad closing his eyes and covering his ears to escape the agony. Indian Idol is here! 

To be very honest, I don't care much for reality singing contests. I mean dance, give me dance any day. And while we're at it, specifically, So You Think You Can Dance, the dance competition on AXN. Indian reality shows are full of people crying for some or the other stupid reason. While Ishant "ke sapne chur chur ho gaye", Mallika "ko apni maa yaad aa gayee". When any contestant is eliminated, Indian shows will pan over to the whole bloody studio crying. It is so annoying and fake! In contrast, I don't remember a single tear being shed in SYTYCD. In fact when anyone is eliminated, there is a huge round of applause and a celebration. They're just happy that they came so far. Whatever emotions they have are thankfully relegated to behind the scenes or off camera.

Taking Indian reality shows to the next level of melodrama is our very own Indian Idol in its 5th installment. One thing that bothers me is, when people don't get selected, they come out and say that Anu Malik steals tunes, he doesn't know how to sing. I say, then why do you go to get yourself judged by a person like that! Moreover, the judges leave no stone unturned to make fun of people who can't sing properly. The whole exercise just seems very cruel. Apart from that, there are some jokers who come just to get publicity. From dancing in front of the judges, lighting themselves on fire, tearing up clothes, crying and begging while lying prostrate on the floor, asking their parents to vouch for them!, the list is endless. Each new episode showcases some new level of stupidity. I simple can't stand it! Dad, I am just like you, closing my eyes and covering my ears. It is embarrassing to even watch it!

The worst part is, I think Indian Idol is going to be aired every day. When will this misery end? *Sigh*

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  1. totally agree... its jus got worst it can ever get i gues! n de surely pay ppl to come n act stupid der coz i don think ne1 wld make a fool outta himself/herself on national tv jus for da sake of gettin publicity ya... :| its n insult 2da art itself which is really really sad...