Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to train your dragon - movie review

FR: Sooo cute! I want a pet dragon too!! :D

We have cockroaches and mice for pests. The Vikings however, have fire-breathing dragons! They come in all shapes and sizes, steal food, tear down buildings and generally wreak havoc. Ordinary people like us would quail in terror and hide till the dragons pass by but not the brave Vikings! Brute force is their forte and they find great satisfaction in beating and killing dragons. Enter Hiccup, a puny little boy who is the son of the strong and brave Viking leader. Desperately in love with the fierce dragon fighter Astrid, Hiccup wants to kill just one dragon to make her aware of his existence. Every time Hiccup tries to kill a dragon though, something goes wrong and as a result, he is forbidden from even trying.

Relegated to the background amidst the worst dragon attack, Hiccup builds a machine which will help him capture a dragon. As the whole town is busy fighting and killing dragons, Hiccup races atop a hill and puts his contraption to use. He astonishingly manages to strike down the most dangerous dragon, Nightfury, which can never be seen but only heard by its whistling sound. Finding the dragon tied down by the ropes thrown up from his contraption, Hiccup raises his dagger to kill the dragon and finally make an impression on Astrid and the whole village. However, he does something better. 

After the mad scientist hero in Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs, I've fallen in love with the super-sarcastic Hiccup who never fails to make fun of either himself or the situation. The animation is superb and watching it in 3D was an added treat. Especially endearing are the scenes where the dragon is "trained" by Hiccup. Go watch this one for fiesty dialogue, super fast action and ultimately the cute dragon! 

p.s. If I still haven't been able to convince you, do watch this trailer and see if you've changed your mind :D


  1. @Neha & Manasa: Isn't it the cutest ever! Hiccup and Toothless - the best combo ever! :D