Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Aquaguard service guy's blog

Today, I saw yet another proof of the fact that pretty girls are dumb. As I was on my usual Aquaguard maintenance round, I realized I was running late. Hoping to finish off the next few assignments quickly, I rang the doorbell of the pretty dumb, dumb pretty girl. As she opened the door, I briskly stepped in and said "Patela dya" (Gimme a vessel). I walked into the kitchen and the dumb pretty girl went and sat on her couch. Now, just because I figured out where the Aquaguard is located in her kitchen, doesn't mean I know where all the vessels are kept! I looked at her again and said "Patela dya". She looked at me blankly, got up from her couch, giggled like a fool and said "Oh mala watla tumhi mhanla paach minta dya" (I thought you said gimme 5 mins).This was not going to be an easy day. 

I quickly finished the maintenance work and then asked her if I could have a dish rag to clean up the Aquaguard machine. She looked at me and asked "dish rag?" Concealing my impatience as far as possible, I looked at her and made a cleaning action with my hands. Realization finally dawned on her and she did the needful. While leaving, I showed her the exact space where her signature, ph no and mob number was required. The pretty dumb girl stared as if I had spoken in Greek. She had seemingly forgotten her own signature and her phone numbers! Finally she completed the formalities and I was free to go. Half an hour in 1 home! Good lord! Pretty girls are really dumb! 

p.s. Since this is the pretty dumb girl's blog let's just agree with her when she says "I had just woken up from my sleep!!!"


  1. Lol.....this is hilarious :P

  2. creative i would say :P for a sec i thought u started this part time job!!

  3. Hahah yeah that would be definitely less stressful if I don't have to cater to dumb pretty girls ;D