Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So, is there a point to this post? Just to discuss how much i love random.

Routine bores me. To death. Although, the strangest part is, when i find something new, I want to set a routine to it. Getting a pedicure - once every week? every 2 weeks? as soon as I set the routine, i never stick to it. Coz its become too routine..

I cant go to the office at the same time everyday. I cant eat only one kind of vegetable during meals. I get bored of the same thing happening for more than 5 mins. I keep craving random all the time. I want a random job, random work timings. Go to work, dont go, who cares? If only the world followed my impulses. Going off to a cruise to Lakshadweep instead of reporting to work one day. Sit and wash clothes instead of that long awaited movie on another day. Learn guitar instead of going to dance class the third day.

The idea of a rotating job never ceases to excite me. Just imagine if we could all rotate jobs. One day be a waiter, the other day an accountant, the third day a model! How cool would that be? But then would that become a routine too? Will I crave for a set job?

How about if nature decides to play random with me? Takes away my family, burns down my house? Will I love random so much then? Its a dangerous game, this playing with random and craving it. I think everythign in this lifetime is pseudo random. You think you are being random by jumping careers from a software professional to an event manager?? Gloat all you want, but routine is gonna catch up on you pretty quick.

So in this eternal fight between routine v/s random, who do you think should win?

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