Friday, March 6, 2009


I've got a big paintbrush. I've got a huge canvas.
But I've got just one color in my hand. Gray.
I hate that color. But that's all I have.. People are busy filling up their canvases, sometimes red, sometimes blue.. And all I've got is gray.
I am such a faker.. Everytime someone passes , I show them my 24 case color box..
Oh yeah, I have ALL the colors! I show them the tops of my empty bottles with the name of the colors written on it.. The second time they pass, I still haven't got any new colors on my canvas..
People now know that i am too afraid to try out other colors.
I'm wondering if i'll ruin my canvas irreversibly..

God, I need to throw away this gray paint.. Buy new paints, open the bottles..
Where's the currency of my courage??